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The Microbiome boom is facilitated through the support of genome analysis progress and the awareness which central role it plays in managing our health.


The Investors Corner

The Microbiome Industry is only established by its name, no more. Analysts are looking to capture this phenomenon and project future forecasts regarding how it will grow. This is just guesswork for the time being...

The fact is, behind this industry there are experts from science and research who you can meet at various conferences, circles and networks in a highly fragmented setup. That has to do with the fact that genomics and microbiomics have many interfaces with the real world and have only just started to find their breakdown to business and new healthcare solutions. Behind this process there are intellectual care givers, influencers, investors, opinion leaders, forefront thinkers…The AIRS conference in Barcelona works on creating a platform to connect them all in reality and establish the development of the NEW Rehabilitation community. It shall become a free and open network, a living body, like the microbiome itself: finding partners for collaboration and symbiosis to achieve a better state of efficiency – following evolutionary principles!

The Genomics and Microbiomics Synergies and Reach

The complex interactions and interfaces are shown in a first approach in the following graph:

pyramide of opportunities

Source: AIRS Institute

What is amazing is the business potential which is associated with this cluster picture. Some interesting figures for investors are reported here, using existing literature. The figures speak for themselves and already one can see the potential. Normally such a potential is boosted by multiplying factors of unknown statistics and not seriously calculable dimensions for an exponential character of growth. It can be strongly assumed that this projection is correct, but only if you put the steps in place, as AIRS will in Barcelona: bringing key players and knowledge makers together. We need to create an interdisciplinary setup and break down the barriers of established conferences, which, while important, also act as nice hideaways to allow us to stay in traditional paradigms and see the microbiome as a nice add on to current topics. Which it is not, because the microbiome revolution will restructure several well protected paradigms in medicine which cannot be defended any longer.

This is our mission and interest: to work on pathways and find fast tracks for the implementation of new treatments, research and services in the health sector: Connecting People to Health Solutions is our main common goal.

CAGR´s and numbers in selected markets

The Microbiome market embraces marine, atmospheric and terrestrial ecosystems, food engineering, agriculture and human and other species´ health/medicine with all interface products for gut, skin, oral hygiene, medical services etc. The numbers speak for themselves.


Volume forecast in 2023: 805 Billion USD

CAGR ~ 7%


Supplements and Sports Nutrition

Volume forecast in 2022: 45 Billion USD

CAGR ~ 8%


Immunoprecipitation Market

Volume forecast in 2024: 750 Million USD

CAGR ~ 5%


Microbiome Market in general

Volume forecast for 2015: 2,2 Billion USD

BCC Research even forecasts a market size of nearly 9,9 Billion for 2024 with a CAGR ~ 70%.

The developments were taking off in 2018!

VC firms have already invested around 1 Billion USD since 2014

M market growth


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