Dive into the
unexpected way of life
in Barcelona.

The Venue

The Hesperia Tower Hotel in Barcelona is near to the airport, has close by a metro station to bring you to the fascinating center of Barcelona with its famous arts, night life and food culture.

The area is prepared perfectly to suit your interests and benefits to be taken home from a conference and exhibition. Have a look – also to the city!

The hotel has the category of a 5 star amenity, convinces by a modern functional aesthetics and provides for us a comfortable area, just optimized for new communities to build.

The area offers numerous opportunities to meet, to talk and make business.

Barcelona invites you to many tourist attractions and excursions - the city is just famous for its many design artists and splendid architecture.

The conference ends on a Saturday afternoon: the Sunday is free for sightseeing before you get back home...


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